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Yes, Really

 Let’s face it, the traditional agency model is broken. To put it more simply – agencies suck. They’re too expensive, too slow, fat where its unnecessary (we’re looking at you C-suite), and thin where it matter most (strategy & tactical execution anyone?)

Newell Circle is a full-service, subscription-based marketing agency built to simplify the typical process of working with an outsourced marketing team. We’ve trimmed the fat and cut the big-wigs and middlemen out. The result is a radically simple marketing solution aimed at helping small and mid-sized companies achieve fast, sustainable growth.

Oh…and look good doing it of course😉

Streamlined & Simple


Build the Roadmap

Not sure where to start? Maybe you know you need marketing support but you’re not sure what your goals are, how to measure against them, or what tactical steps to take to achieve them. We can help! We’ll spend 3-4 weeks learning everything we can about your business and then develop a robust marketing strategy that takes you from idea to execution over a 12-18 month period.



Determine the Priorities

Once we’ve aligned on your short and long-term goals its time to set priorities. We’ll work with you to take you from strategy to tactical implementation, giving priority to projects and initiatives that will catalyze and drive immediate growth for your business.


Ship the Work

Now for the fun part…actually delivering the work! We’ll work sequentially down the agreed upon list of projects and tasks, completing them in succession one at a time. Priorities change? Last minute needs? Need to call an audible? No problem! Your tasks and projects can be reorganized or reprioritized at any time – no questions asked, no strings attached.

With Newell you can build
wicked websites rad ads magnificent messaging dazzling dashboards luxurious landing pages sweet slide decks lovely logos stellar social graphics wonderful wireframes boss brochures hot Hubspot workflows funky funnels sexy signage excellent eBooks

Companies Love Newell

Our online sales have more than tripled in the two years we’ve been working with Newell.

Peter Gutgsell, Founder @ Yolo Snacks


We’re driven by results and committed to accountability. Growth is our ultimate focus.

Supa Fast

Most tasks are turned around within 48 hours – we’re a lean, mean, implementation machine!

Radically Simple

No retainer, no contracts, no hassle. Get started in less than 24 hours and cancel anytime – no strings attached.

Our Services

Web Design

Advanced web design and development capabilities including full site builds, landing page development, and site maintenance.

WordPress / Webflow / Woocommerce / Divi / Shopify / Unbounce


Broad creative capabilities including graphic design, development of marketing collateral, and content writing.

Messaging / Copywriting / Collateral / Graphic Design / Ad Creative

Marketing Tech

Proficiency with various marketing technology tools including various CRMs, email automation, and analytics platforms.

Automation / CRM / Analytics / Attribution / Funnel Creation / Ads

Perks That Work For You

So simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner

Task Dashboard

Dedicated dashboard where you can make as many requests & revisions as you’d like.

Unlimited Revisions

We’ll tweak and update projects until you are 100% satisfied.

Supa Fast Delivery

Most tasks turned around within 48 hours depending on size & complexity.

Optional Calls

Completely asynchronous workflow to maximize output and reduce costs. 

No Contracts

Sign-up, cancel, or pause your subscription at anytime – no strings attached.

Ultimate Flexibility

Infinitely scalable, economical, and effective so you can focus more on your business.

Subscription Plans



  • One task at a time
  • 48-hour turnaround on average
  • Dedicated project dashboard
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited access to stock photos
  • Easy, automatic credit-card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime



  • Two tasks at a time
  • 48-hour turnaround on average
  • Dedicated project dashboard
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited access to stock photos
  • Easy, automatic credit-card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime

Not Quite Ready?

We’d love to chat about whether or not Newell could be a fit for your company.

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Still Have Q’s?

We have A’s! Browse our FAQs below for additional details and common questions.

FAQ’s >

Optional Add-On

Marketing Strategy

We’ll get to know your business and your goals and then devise a marketing strategy to help you achieve those goals over 12-18 months.


One-Time Fee
Available at Checkout with Subscription

Optional Add-On

Digital Advertising

We’ll help you launch and manage new Google, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook ad campaigns and then provide ongoing management.


Starting Price Per Month
Added Upon First Campaign Launch

We’ve been working with Newell Circle for the last 3 years and highly recommend them – they have taken our website and marketing to the next-level.

Emily Mehta, Owner @ Nazir's Fine Jewelry

Take a Test Drive

Ready to learn more? Take our self-guided video demo for an overview of how your Newell Circle subscription works, how to get started, and what to expect.


You have questions, we have answers

What types of companies or organizations is Newell Circle a fit for?

Great question! Newell is typically best suited to small and mid-sized businesses and startups. Many of our clients have no internal marketing personnel whatsoever. Others may have a single marketing hire or a small team, but need extra tactical implementation help or specialized design & web skills to keep things rolling. We work across industries and sectors but here’s a smattering of some of our most recent work by industry:

  • CPG
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Retail / Ecommerce
  • NPO
How does this differ from a typical agency retainer model?

Typical agencies bill for a set amount of hours every month. With Newell, there’s no hours or overages to track, the price you see is the price you pay – period. There’s no limit to the number of tasks or projects you can add to your queue. The only difference in our plans is how quickly those tasks get done. The plan you sign-up for will determine how many concurrent tasks or projects you can have running at any given time – regardless of size or scope.

How many projects or tasks can you complete per month?

You can add as many tasks and projects to your project queue as you’d like – how many our team completes is somewhat variable depending on the size and scope of the projects in question. On average, most tasks are completed in 48 hours or less. That said, for more complex tasks or bigger projects, things could take several days and/or weeks. The amount of work you can get done within any given month will depend on the type of work you’re looking to get done and your subscription level.

How quickly will tasks be completed?

Supa fast! We aim to touch the active task(s) in your dashboard within 24 hours of them being added. Occasionally we may need additional information, access, or data in order to deliver work. In such instances we’ll identify needs and tag your team as quickly as possible. Once we have all the relevant information & data, we’ll get to work right away. Most tasks are completed within 2 business days but this timeline can vary for tasks and/or projects of greater complexity or scope.

Can we really request as many tasks, projects, and revisions as we'd like?

Yes! It’s as simple as it sounds! There are no overages or hidden fees – the price you see is the price you pay. You can request as many new projects, tasks, updates, edits, or revisions as you’d like – no questions asked. The only difference in our plans is how many tasks and/or projects can be running concurrently at one time.

We need a marketing strategy, not just tactical execution - can you help?

Absolutely! With our 30-day marketing strategy add-on we’ll work with you to understand your unique business concerns and your goals over the next 24 months. From there, our team will build a robust marketing strategy to help you achieve those goals. This strategy can serve as a great roadmap to guide the tasks and projects for your Newell subscription.

The best part about our strategy add-on is that it doesn’t prohibit you from hitting some low-hanging fruit items during the strategy process. Your subscription will be active from day one enabling you to priortize marketing items you already know need immediate attention.

How does your strategy process work?

Our strategy process is a 30-day sprint split into 4 parts:

  • Week 1: We conduct a discovery session to get to know you and your business better
  • Week 2: We compile a outline of the eventual marketing strategy that ensures we are aligned on overarching goals
  • Week 3: 
  • Week 4:
    How do I make task requests?

    Once you sign-up with us, we’ll get your task dashboard setup. From there we’ll include helpful videos that show you how to add tasks to your queue, add task details, and change task statuses. All of our project management happens within ClickUp which offers nearly unlimited ways to share information directly within a task view, including: Google Doc embeds, media uploads, Loom video recordings, and more. The email you use for registration will be granted access to this dashboard first – from there you can request additional users to be added as needed/helpful.

    What programs and platforms do you work in?

    The tool is never as important as the end result. That said, we use a wide range of tools & platforms everyday – see our growing list by category below. Don’t see your platforms on here? We probably know them or could learn them quickly – feel free to schedule a call to learn more

    – WordPress (Divi, Woocommerce)
    – Webflow
    – Shopify
    – Unbounce

    – Canva
    – Figma
    – Adobe Suite

    – Hubspot
    – ActiveCampaign
    – Zoho
    – Mailchimp

    Project Management
    – ClickUp
    – Notion

    – Google Suite
    – Microsoft Suite
    – Google Ads
    – Google Analytics
    – Looker Studio
    – Facebook Ads

    Do you have a list of all the types of tasks you can do?

    Yep! This list isn’t totally exhaustive, but it gives you a pretty good idea…see below:

    – New site design
    – Existing site redesign
    – eCommerce store configuration
    – Landing page development
    – Wireframing
    – Basic SEO metadata
    – Ongoing site maintenance
    – Plugin & theme upgrades
    – Basic content updates
    – Blog uploads

    – Brand messaging
    – Basic copywriting
    – Marketing collateral (content & design)
    – Social media graphics
    – Blog graphics
    – Signage
    – Trade show booths & banners
    – Slide decks
    – Business cards
    – Ad creative
    – Logos & brand guides
    – Email graphics
    – Billboards
    – Wireframes

    Marketing Tech
    – CRM configuration
    – Automated CRM workflows
    – Email campaigns
    – Newsletters
    – Data visualization
    – Pixel integration
    – Conversion tracking

    Are there tasks you won't do?

    There are some things we typically avoid including animation and CRM migrations. If you have a specific question about a service we do or do not offer, feel free to reach out to our team or schedule a call.

    Do you offer a free trial?

    We do not offer a free trial or refunds. That said, we’re committed to answering all your questions before sign-up to ensure Newell is right for you. We’ll also work with you to ensure you are getting as much value out of the service as possible.